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About Us

Weber River Partnership is a collaborative non-profit organization focusing on improving communication among stakeholders and conservation efforts to protect watershed health, water supplies, fisheries, and recreational resources of the Weber River and its tributaries. The organization strives to be a resource for communication and education among stakeholders that have interests in the Weber River Watershed. 


Weber River Partnership will:

  1. Form,  adopt, and maintain a strategic watershed plan based on current science and watershed conditions. 

  2. Seek potential grant sources to advance objectives in the currently adopted strategic watershed plan. 

  3. Conduct a forum for education and communication to further collaboration within the Weber River Partnership and its stakeholders. 

  4. Improve collaboration among stakeholders who have interests within the Weber River Watershed in Utah.

  5. Support prudent policy measures that incentivize resource conservation in the watershed.

  6. Support land use actions that improve water supplies, instream flows, protect riparian habitats, and/or improve water quality with consideration for water rights involving federal and state agencies, end water users, fish, and wildlife.

  7. Improve habitat restoration strategies throughout the Weber River Watershed by incorporating research, partnerships, land management practices, and monitoring into project deliverables to produce more encompassing results with a greater chance of stakeholder buy-in and project success.

Let’s Work Together

In the Counties of

Summit, Morgan, Weber, and Davis

Utah, USA

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